Visio Divina

I now have a clear response for the retirement question
what are you doing these days?

These days
I am having fun with construction paper, a glue stick, and magazine pictures
and I am creating a delightful mess!


A Grade 7 teacher at our local Catholic School wanted to create a Lenten unit about
and asked if I would offer her two classes of 25 or so youth
a teaching
on either Lectio Divina or Visio Divina
and I chose

Who wouldn’t want to do this with 50 twelve year olds!!???
I am excited
I am preparing.

I need to have 50 visuals by Tuesday:
cut, tear, paste


What is Visio Divina?
You’ve likely heard of Lectio, it’s more popular relative.
These are practices from the early Monastic Movement
now being revived with great enjoyment for a new time.

Lectio is the slow and savoury out-loud-reading of a sacred text or mystical poem
and so the ear hears and ponders
the word or phrase
that arises for attention.
Visio is the contemplative eye-gaze into an artistic expression which might be
classical or modern art, or
a cut and paste collage.

My home-made collages will be placed within a circle on the floor
and students will be asked to choose the one that is calling for their attention.
They will sit with it for a few minutes as questions guide their pondering:

what caught your attention?
is there a surprise here…something you didn’t initially see?
what feeling does this stir within you?
is this art offering you insight / a message?

A circle, a candle, quiet music, a feast for the eyes
and the sharing of what has been revealed
spoken into the circle.

The insight and wisdom of youth.
What a great way to spend a retirement Tuesday!

*** ***** *

Want to try it?

Light a candle
perhaps put on some gentle meditative music
and then gaze into these images:


what do you see?


is there a surprise here?


what do you feel?


what is being revealed?

*** ***** *

  Visio Divina …

seeing the Divine in the world around us.


3 thoughts on “Visio Divina

  1. Brings back memories of another time, gathered in a circle of friends practising Lectio Visio. That was a time of deep connection with the Holy. Thank you for giving me a reminder of that time and this opportunity to be part of a circle of Connection today.


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